SMS campaigns of high quality

SMS campaigns of high quality

SMS Marketing

  • Message delivery guarantee
  • Detailed reporting
  • Customized sender
The winning idea for your mobile communication

The winning idea for your mobile communication

EasyOffice lets you transmit your SMS marketing campaigns and build your client loyalty with the same ease as sending a single message.

Useful in informing clients about sales, promotions, contests, and news, EasyOffice supports all of your business activities by providing a simple and effective service, which is managed either by using the contact lists from your PC in Excel format or by directly choosing the recipients from your contacts list.

Words that reach everyone.

The SMS Marketing Service reaches clients directly on their mobiles, and the high-quality EasyOffice SMS guarantees delivery and successful operations.

These campaigns will have an immediate impact, optimizing time and simplifying communication by quickly and efficiently, providing information in only a few words but getting big results (98% of SMS are read within 5 seconds of reception).

The solution for all business organizations

EasyOffice offers an adaptable solution for all types of companies, corporations, businesses and shops that want to draw attention to themselves and promote its work, or simply keep the relationship with clients going.

Personalized sender

The Client can independently manage sending to his/her own databanks, personalizing the sender and choosing recipients from one group, from address books, or importing a list from one’s own PC.

The solution for all business organizations

You always know how much you spend

You always know how much you spend

Keeping track of expenses is constant; before sending, the cost in credits is shown in advance to let the User know how much will be deducted.
There’s no need for subscriptions or software to use this service.

Spread and check the message.

Sending with EasyOffice guarantees a detailed report that lets Clients verify the status of their messages.

Sending 1 SMS

Every SMS with 160 characters costs 0,10 € (+VAT) = 1 credit (except promotions).

Your first SMS is free

After having registered, if you go to your personal area, you will be immediately able to use the bonus in order to send a SMS.