Give more space to your FAXes, Dropbox coming on EasyOffice

Use Dropbox to store your Documents?

Now you can connect your Dropbox directly to EasyOffice, and use all of your Documents as FAX attachments ...
and more, you can store on Dropbox all of your Sent or Received FAXes.

The first time you connect to Dropbox, you will redirect to Dropbox Website. Insert your credentials or register if you aren't a Dropbox user, and accept the agreement.
You need to accept only once, and after that you are soon connected.

How to Attach your Dropbox Documents to FAXes?
Click on "Attach files from your Dropbox" when you send a FAX and select the Document to send.

How to Store on Dropbox your Sent/Received FAXes?
Click on Dropbox icon, available in "Display Sent Fax" or "Display Received Fax" sections, to store your FAXes on the popular Storage Provider. Dropbox will create two folders "Sent FAXes" and "Received FAXes" to store them.